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In the continued push towards a greener, cleaner world that we can all benefit from in the future, regulators across the world pursue more stringent exhaust and greenhouse gas emission limits on the automotive and transport sectors.

These tighter emission limits form a major part of vehicle manufacturers programs to develop cleaner and more efficient diesel engines. In developing these new, next generation power plants, engine builders require lubricant manufacturers to produce new generation oils to ensure optimal engine operation and maximum performance, while maintaining the required reduction in emissions and improving fuel economy.

After years of collaborative effort between the oil industry, additive companies and diesel engine manufacturers, the new API Proposed Category PC-11 was developed. In a first ever for a Proposed Category, PC-11 was split into  2 new API Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil categories, API CK-4 and API FA-4.  

API CK-4 engine oils will outperform older generation oils with improved oil oxidation control, aeration control and shear stability.  As well as meeting the latest engine requirements this new category is a direct replacement and upgrade where API CJ-4 oils are specified.  Furthermore, with Australia’s Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel fuel the new API CK-4 specification is backwards compatible back to API CF-4.

API  FA-4 engine oils (F= Fuel efficient, A= 1st generation, 4=applicable to 4 stroke engines) were designed specifically to maximise fuel efficiency and to reduce greenhouse emission of a number of new generation engines that can take advantage of low High Temperature High Shear (HTHS) engine oils.  Of course the new API FA-4 oils still provide all of the performance benefits of API CK-4.  However it is important to note that API FA-4 is not backward compatible to engines calling for API CK-4 oils or earlier.

With Total’s commitment to delivering the most technologically advanced oils, Total’s new range of API CK-4 and API FA-4 engine oils were specifically designed to not only meet, but exceed these new industry requirements.  The result of this advanced formulation includes three new Total RUBIA OPTIMA oils: 1100 15W-40, 1100 FE 10W-30 and 2100 XFE 10W-30. These oils are designed for optimal performance, excellent wear protection, improved piston cleanliness and excellent oxidation control.  Upgrading or making the switch to Total RUBIA OPTIMA will drive you further. 

“Total is committed to a sustainable energy future and the new RUBIA OPTIMA range reflects those values. The bottom line is owner operators and fleet managers will be able to meet the latest industry requirements and benefit from the new technology and long term savings these oils offer,” said Andrew Murchie, Total Oil Australia Managing Director.

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