The new TOTAL DYNATRANS ACX Range – Oil technology that achieves a world first

Author: Total   Date Posted:7 November 2019 

The new TOTAL DYNATRANS ACX Range – Oil technology that achieves a world first

Total’s ongoing commitment to the earthmoving industry is once again proven with their new oil technology for earthmoving and off-highway machinery – TOTAL DYNATRANS ACX.

Superseding the TOTAL DYNATRANS AC range, TOTAL DYNATRANS ACX 10W and ACX 30 are the first oils in the world to claim Caterpillar TO-4 and at the same time Caterpillar HYDO Advanced performances, and are formulated specifically to extend the machine life and oil drain intervals in the hydraulic systems and power shift transmissions of earthmoving and off-highway machinery.

The result is an unprecedented ability to consolidate the number of oils used on-site as well as significantly lengthen the time between drain intervals.  Drain intervals can now be extended to 6,000 working hours in the hydraulics of earthmoving equipment when combined with oil analysis. For perspective, lubricants with TO-4 performance typically only achieve drain intervals of 2,000 working hours – therefore the new TOTAL DYNATRANS ACX oil technology lasts more than two times longer than the previous leading technology*.



Not only does the new TOTAL DYNATRANS ACX range reduces the time between drain intervals and also reduces the amount of oil needed on site, it also incorporates superior gear and friction plate wear protection in addition to extended friction durability performance as well as strong anti-corrosion properties which increases the durability of the lubricated components. Results show that there is 5 times** less gear wear compared to Caterpillar TO-4 gear wear requirements. There is also good performance with respect to elastomers without aggressively wearing hydraulic hoses, seals and gaskets. An added bonus is the new formula is very fluid at low temperatures, meaning they are immediately active when starting in colder climates and temperatures.

The TOTAL DYNATRANS ACX range is available in SAE viscosity grades 10W, 30, 50 and 60. Performance and specifications covered include: Allison TES 439, Caterpillar TO-4, Komatsu Micro-clutch, API GL-4 Performance. Approvals are granted by ZF according to ZF TE-ML 03C and ZF TE-ML 07F performance criteria, on specific viscosity grades.

It does not matter whether they are small operators or large scale global operators, users of the new TOTAL DYNATRANS ACX Range, will see large improvement in the cost of maintenance of equipment, extra profitability through reduced inventory and reduced down-time through longer drain intervals and improved wear protection. For Total, this is simply the result of their commitment to innovation through research and development.

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* ASTM D943 2018

** FZG Gear Wear (ASTM D4998)

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